Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Your Shangrila

Where in the world is your Shangrila, your Vrindavan, your Gokul?

Is it just an imaginary place? You bet it is! It lives in your heart & soul & in your dreams. After all of your hard work & toil & a never ending quest; will you let a builder or investor design-build it for you? Will  you settle for just a "good enough" model for your "forever home"?
You think asking builders successful in building senior communities (with close to 20,000 homes) you can't go wrong, right? Sure if you wish to live in an anonymous suburban sprawl! It probably won't look much different from where you live now (may be with a clubhouse thrown in); so why bother moving then?

If you said Indian neighbors, think again. If you are seeking investors as well as winter birds just to fill the spots, how cohesive your community would be? For them it would be more or less an extended stay time-share kind of environment!

Then again we are all transients in this world (what a morbid thought)! Why be fussy over just a shelter; though it may very well be your last one?

If your home is your castle (may be not as ugly as in this picture) & your car your chariot for freedom; you have unfortunately turned into a redneck American! With that kind of mentality you may need to exercise your second amendment rights & buy a gun or two as well! 
Imagine living with neighbors who think just like you & replicating their castles up & down the street. Hell of a neighborhood it would be, right? Cohousing community would be a bad choice for you in that case!

Or you could end up in one of the cartoonish homes you were drawing up in second or third grade! They would be frugal. You are shooting for $80 per square foot cost, are you not?

OMG what happened to your lifelong dreams of living in your Vrindavan?

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