Wednesday, July 29, 2015



Anand Milan Partnership

closed on the property on the corner of Lone Mountain & Simmons in North Las Vegas today; congratulations!

God only knows what avatar it may take
but stay tuned or better yet, "like" this post &/or send an email with dare I say your two cents (er; I mean your input)!

It would not be Llamapolis for sure; we do not have Tony Hsieh's money nor would any Indian go for a trailer park!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Little India in Las Vegas

Imagine this!

Living in AnyTown USA,

in homes unintentionally designed for cars, not people!

Now imagine yourself living in your sanctuary

Imagine not living anonymously as you most likely do now in your neighborhood, imagine bumping into friends every few minutes, imagine laughter & good food & most importantly, imagine being with people you care to share it with! 

Welcome to “Little India - Las Vegas”!

Do not get hung up on the aesthetics or building materials, forms, (lack of) Indianization, etc. This is just a schematic concept not the finished product.

Live in homes designed to promote social intercourse;

in an intentional village.

Can you see yourself living in a place like this, happily ever after? Or would you prefer living in something similar to the approved subdivision as shown in the picture below (adjacent development with identical density)?

Entirely your choice!

YouTube video link: Little India in Las Vegas

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