Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Hot investment tips from Tony Robins

Excerpts from his brand new book:

The "self-help guru" has substantial investments in senior living facilities.

The demographics are a no brainer; even more so for Indian seniors!

Even if you do not believe in his preachings you can believe in supply & demand economics.

 The caveat here is the he is talking about "high end senior living facilities" (with assistive care) not frugal, non-profit, do-it-yourself, co-housing communities! Senior care facility or a resort time share like development would be an entirely different proposition & business model.

Also be mindful of the fact that the promoter invests 50% of the project capital, in addition to putting in all the efforts of finding the site & doing all of the predevelopment work. Even though the investors get 6% to 8% preferred returns, the returns are not guaranteed (if you do, try explaining that to the SEC)!

In any event, if you do not have enough faith in your own project to pull out your wallet; forget about any investors jumping in the fray for you. You will have to wait till the cows come home!

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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Are you a lurker?

Hey, thank you for lurking!

Wanna play the late night show host the late Johnny Carson's character "Carnac the magnificent" here, just for laughs? May be you can pitch in your two cents (wait, don't panic; I am not asking for money. OMG, silly!)

Imagine this Q & A scenario between a prospective investor / future resident & a core member; kind of "Frequently Asked Questions". The following original list is from May 2014, the current 2015 version is in red:

Q is this a Hindu community?
A No, not any more. (Yes it is now! But if you visited ISCON or any other temple or you were even thinking about becoming a Hindu, you are welcome)
Q Is it age restricted?
A Initially we were adamant about it but we did not have enough positive response so we changed it to multigenerational with no restrictions (back to 55+).
Q I heard you were going to separate cars & people?
A Don’t worry if you want attached 2-3 car garage, we can accommodate you.
Q You expect the residents to take an active role in designing the campus & individual buildings in a non-hierarchical setting?
A That was the silly architect’s idea!
Q The residents are going to manage & run the community?
A We may have to find a management company to do it for us.
Q You are going to have two separate kitchens in the common house?
A Yes vegetarian as well as non vegetarian along with two chefs & support staff. (may be not)
Q You can afford all that?
A It will be covered by the H.O.A. fees & participation in the all meals plan will be mandatory.
Q Even with all meals are mandatory you will still have full size kitchen with dishwasher etc.?
A For the resale market.
Q What if someone does not like the chef’s cooking?
A Tough! They can cook @ home but their fees would still be the same in order support the staffing expenses.
Q You are also thinking about a doctor/nurses onsite office?
A Yes!
Q Is this an assisted living facility?
A No multi generational, but we will provide this amenity to attract a wider segment!
Q All the decisions will be made by consensus?
A Again crazy architect’s idea!
Q Are you planning a green Eco-friendly community?
A Whatever the market demands, we don’t care. If sloping roofs & concrete tiles are popular, that is what we will use.
Q Are you scaling down private homes i.e. give up traditional features like a great room, formal dining room, laundry room, 2-3 car garage, 2-3 baths, fireplaces, double vanities, granite countertops, island kitchen, media room etc. & move them into the common house shared facility?
A Wonder whether we have to be mindful of resale market; what do you think? 
Q Are you trying to please everyone?
A Yes, we will try & cover all the bases!
Q Isn’t that a recipe for failure?
A Not for us, hopefully.
Q So how will your community differ from a run of the mill, tract home subdivision?
A Indian neighbors!
Q Have you committed your money for your own home?
A Not yet, but you should buy two or three units or help us buy the land & build a few homes + the club house.
Q If someone changes their mind you are going to refund their money?
A 100% no risk whatsoever
Q Who would absorb the soft costs?
A Investors of course!
Q Are you serious & you want me to be an investor?
A Think of the profit you will be sharing with us!

 Can you help by adding your comments below?
Don't worry, no one will install a key-logger or a cookie on your computer! It is okay to come out of the shadows (not unlike a closet) to share your wisdom. Even if you are not a Las Vegan / Hindu or have no intentions of participating!
Thanking you sincerely,