Monday, July 21, 2014

Your "forever home"!


We are "homo sapiens" social animals thriving in groups (except for Robinson Crusoe like characters surviving on their islands by themselves).
So how did we end up turning into these pathetic paranoid creatures; prisoners in our own homes?
Need the social media to be social!
Dreaming of living in your own castle sanctuary as far away from the city as you can afford; with the freedom afforded by your chariots?
Replicate that vision a few hundred times in a neighborhood & you have your suburban sprawling subdivision. Do you know your neighbor living next door? Does it matter to you or are you content with the illusive safety of your second amendment rights & your ammo stockpile?

Automobile homes 
Henry Ford mass-produced cars using the assembly line business model during the industrial age & it fostered sprawling suburbs with cookie cutter homes constructed similarly! The cars that were supposed to be our slaves "Transformed" into our masters!

Our homes, neighborhoods even cities & the nation are designed & built primarily with cars, vehicular movements, traffic studies, infrastructure etc. taking priority over human beings. The industrial revolution is long gone & we live in the information age now yet we dwell in these snout houses designed for cars. Living our pathetic zombie like existence sitting in front of a TV with a beer in one hand & the remote in the other or may be staring @ a digital computer/smartphone/ipad screen! Where is the "homo sapien"?

Would you be content living anonymously in a builder/developer designed speculative home for what may be the last couple of decades of your life?  

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