Monday, June 30, 2014


Here is an interesting take on the modern marketing guru Seth Godin's suggestion for positioning your project. Most retirement communities here in Las Vegas valley built by Pulte & Del Webb are in the active adult semi-expensive quadrant whereas most Indian retirement homes anywhere in USA or India strive for a luxurious resort like all inclusive lifestyle! 

Ask any Indian senior about retirement community & the first question you will hear is: how much is it followed by what does it include? We want to be pampered & preened & fed & taken care of, yet we are reluctant to pay! Precisely the reason why most of the projects (shown with a grey background) have failed to materialize even after 5-7 years of efforts! Can you build the Taj Mahal on a budget for a big box store like Walmart?

Would it not be prudent to seek a spot on the quadrant that is not crowded? You could add the bells & whistles later down the road if necessary. Can you see the quadrants with least competition / resistance? obviously the graphic is not to any kind of scale.  

Saturday, June 28, 2014


Got your attention? 

Check out this wonderful short video & Ted talk by Rachel Botsman (& read her fascinating book "What's mine is yours" if you can)! It is about collaborative consumption: sharing economy.

Good old days

Tribal living

Wouldn't it be great to recreate a carefree, fun filled community lifestyle of your college dorm-days? Frugal wasn't all that bad; was it? Recall the camaraderie? Bet you remember most of your tribe very fondly!

If an all-inclusive resort is prohibitively expensive; a cluster of tiny cottages with shared common spaces & optional services (meals, maid & maintenance) may be ideal. Social security alone may not provide the economic blanket needed, collaborative consumption may be the solution.

Sharing is caring

A retirement "resort" would attract more consumers, investors, transients (winter-birds) then people looking for their forever home "sanctuary"! It would just be a hospitality business, not a close knit community; even if it is "not for profit". If it is not social, why bother?

Friday, June 27, 2014

Little India in Las Vegas?

Close your eyes & imagine living here!

All Inclusive (or multiple options) lifestyle

Like cruising (on land) thru life forever!

Can you afford it & being a consumer, would you be a part of a cohesive community?