Saturday, June 28, 2014

Good old days

Tribal living

Wouldn't it be great to recreate a carefree, fun filled community lifestyle of your college dorm-days? Frugal wasn't all that bad; was it? Recall the camaraderie? Bet you remember most of your tribe very fondly!

If an all-inclusive resort is prohibitively expensive; a cluster of tiny cottages with shared common spaces & optional services (meals, maid & maintenance) may be ideal. Social security alone may not provide the economic blanket needed, collaborative consumption may be the solution.

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A retirement "resort" would attract more consumers, investors, transients (winter-birds) then people looking for their forever home "sanctuary"! It would just be a hospitality business, not a close knit community; even if it is "not for profit". If it is not social, why bother?

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