Monday, February 9, 2015


Where art thou; Obi-Wan Kenobi?

If you haven't seen Star Wars, you wouldn't understand!

"Hope is not a strategy!"

This is about "working out" for abs, you perv!

It has been over a year since the group started meeting @ the temple. 

  • Are we waiting for someone else to show us properties?
  • Are we waiting for angel investors to pour money in our project?
  • Are we waiting for a builder/developer to come & design build the project for us?

Here is a no stones unturned approach:
Unless you are content with the progress you have made so far; download this app for the group & start checking off tasks you have done already & plan on tackling next, as a group as well as individually!

Would it make sense to embark on journey without a destination (your goals) & a route (your timeline)? See how many tasks from the following list have you accomplished after a year & whether they matter to you?

LVISC Time line tasks (not in any order of priority)

  • find minimum of 10 committed members / early buyers
  • predevelopment funds (soft costs: surveys, soil tests, schematic design, etc.)
  • design programming (recipe ingredients)
  • explore goals & values (commitment to one another)
  • decide on luxury living resort with villas or frugal Dharamshala
  • army barracks or town houses or detached units
  • auto-centric or people-centric design
  • "McMansions" or "Not so big houses"
  • assisted or independent living
  • age restricted or multigenerational
  • site selection
  • Negotiate options on chosen site
  • Buy land
  • Create development entity, partnership or corporation
  • feasibility study
  • site planning schematics
  • off site work: street paving, street lights, sidewalks etc.
  • utilities hookup
  • appraisal
  • title search
  • value engineering
  • greening decision alternate energy considerations
  • marketing & sales
  • Prepare bids for site work and building construction
  • find angel investors?
  • Fund raising
  • find a banker
  • find a lawyer
  • find a chef
  • architecture, engineering
  • schematic design workshops
  • Workshop: consensus process
  • Workshop: site design
  • Workshop: common house
  • Workshop: prototype homes
  • building permitting & fees
  • planning & zoning approval
  • common house design
  • individual home designs
  • common house construction
  • amenities
  • moving in
  • begin construction
  • find builder to partner with
  • construction loan interest/fees
  • interest on investments
  • hire a project manager
  • utility hookup fees
  • real estate taxes during construction
  • bonds & insurance
  • title & recording
  • grading water/sewer connections
  • landscaping pathways & irrigation
  • On site paving, utilities
  • individual mortgages
  • CC&Rs
  • maintaining common facilities
  • hire staff (maintenance, maids, chef)
  • buy furnishings (donations / sharing pool)
  • gym, pool equipment
  • Bhoomipuja
  • ground breaking
  • Customization of individual units
  • Buying a van
  • Decide on Redundancies individual washers, dryers, dishwashers
  • Solar HW
  • Accessibility
  • On site medical personnel
  • Guest accommodations in common house
  • Pool building
  • Construction documents
  • Bidding
  • mortgage broker
  • Materials & finishes selection

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